Oriceantal Group Exhibition at TUITUI art space

Images courtesy of TUITUI art space, Photos by GW.

Press Release:

Presented by Original Art (oaa.co.nz), an auckland based creative organisation, an artists’ group show Oriceantal is happening now (from 27th to 4th Oct) in TuiTui art space (Ins: tuitui_artspace) in Local Grey Lynn area (58 Surrey crescent ), which is becoming a great start point of new fascinations between western and eastern dreams, also the rapid Changing world.
—- Ms. Liao Wen (well established contempory curator ), “The show brings up issues about individual identity recognition in this widely globalised culture, which happens everywhere,” in Oriceantal opening night 27th, Sep.
The show features work by a roster of local based and international influenced artists, Jiajia, Ryan DD Sun and Ye Zhang. Ryan DD Sun’s A Circle On The Side Of Five Points, takes up a large scale of a wall, interestingly mixed with traditional film and sculptured plastic bags . Jiajia’s YI-Definition, the artist has interpreted a personal stories into consistent icons as wood sticks and large female faces in her oil painting. The portrait photography from Ye Zhang like Long-left, oil painting liked low key digital photography draws audience into nuance of skin, fabric and the veil.