VIDEO ART REEL in Kurume City Art Museum 2023 New Vitamin Art

VIDEO ART REEL (胎息 The Birth of Breath ) in Kurume City Art Museum 2023 New Vitamin Art

胎息(The Birth of Breath)

Venue: Kurume City Art Museum,
1st floor 1015 Nochu Station, Fukuoka Kurumi City, 839-0862. Japan

Dates: August 23rd – August 27th, 2023

Nestled in the southern west side of Japan, in Fukuoka, Kurume City boasts a rich tradition of craftsmanship that spans over 600 years. Notably, since the early 20th century, Kurume has been a remarkable contributor to music and the performing arts in Japan.

The current 2023 New Vitamin Art Exhibition marks the eighth iteration of this event, hosted in Kurume City. Participating organisations include the esteemed Taju Art Institute (TIAR) from Japan, while the Original Art Association represents overseas participants from New Zealand. As part of the upoming “Taxi, that birth breath” New Zealand exhibition, a curated video art film reel will eloquently showcase a number of talent New Zealand artists, including Rozana Lee, Jae Hoon Lee, Ryan Sun, Phil Dadson, Frankie Chu, and Roger Mor- timer.

グループアーティストのビデオ作品上映 オリジナルアート NZ 作品:

Rozana Lee, 2023
Video (Color, Sound), 3 minutes 13 seconds, Auckland, New Zealand. ビデオ(カラー、音声)、3分13秒。

反時計回りに回る水滴(A Reverse-spinning Water Droplet)。
Ryan Sun, 2023
Video (Color, Silent), 6 minutes 1 second, Auckland, New Zealand. ビデオ(カラー、無音)、6分1秒。

ブラックコロイド(Dark Matter)。
Jae Hoon Lee, 2022
Video, 6 minutes 38 seconds, Auckland, New Zealand. 6分38秒。

Phil Dadson, 2023
Video (Color, Sound), 12 minutes 13 seconds, Auckland, New Zealand. ビデオ(カラー、音声)、12分13秒。

忘れてしまう ,忘れてしまった (I forget, I forgot)
Frankie Chu, 2019
Video (Color, Sound), 10 minutes 1 second, Auckland, New Zealand. ビデオ(カラー、音声)、10分01秒。

ランニングマン (Running man)
Roger Mortimer , 2006
Video (Black and White Film, Sound), 6 minutes 23 seconds, Auckland, New Zealand.
ビデオ(白黒フィルム、音声)、6分23秒。 ニュージーランドオークランド。

Sophy QI, 2021
Video (Color, Sound), 9 minutes 57 seconds, Seoul, South Korea. ビデオ(カラー、音声)、9分57秒。