The start point of art Lobby58

Turning around, I saw the rain of last night,  After her short cough, I saw the huge flashing metal body on top of a hill. There stood a child who was curious but lost… If the story continues to be written, do we have many choices…   >>>>>>

What is Art Lobby58? 

What is Art Lobby58? It’s defined by its location and its flexible tiny slim shape; But It’s also about the concept behind, for the artists practicing on & recollecting the missing East Asian Spirit / humanistic Psychology in searching for Independent Contemporary New Relations with ourselves and nature in physiological level. 


Where is Art Lobby58?

Art Lobby58 is Grey Lynn, Auckland-based at moment.

how does the Art lobby58 work?

Not as traditional exhibits, Art Lobby58 does not run the show one by the other. At Art Lobby58, we are curating and inviting to curate the Shows/Talks in small in Continuous roll and non-stops. Art Lobby58 loves small and Meaningful;)