City night sky grey‭, ‬…

Zon Sakai /Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty 28:57 Zon Sakai

Backyard Cabbage tree‭, ‬

City night sky grey‭, ‬

clouds clear‭, ‬

Cold full moon‭, ‬

shines through

In the darkness of the early morning, it seems that there is a me who has just come from a dream, looking at the other me, that is always still. Isn’t it because of the darkness that they can meet?

TuiTui art space is pleased to present “Backyard Cabbage tree, City night sky grey, clouds clear, Cold full moon, shines through”, featuring work by  Pascal Harris, Phil Dadson, Zon Saka, Yvonne Shaw,  Frankie Chu, Kirsten Dryburgh, Toru Harada, Keiichiro Terae and Ryan Sun. This is a joint exhibition by New Zealand and Japanese artists organized by original art.

“We live as literally as that inside each other’s thoughts and work, in this world I that is being made all the time, by all of us, out of beliefs and acts, information and materials. Even in the wilderness your ideas of is beautiful, what matters, and what constitutes pleasure shape your journey there as much as do your shoes and map also made by others.” 

    -<<Faraway Nearby>>p191 by Rebecca Solnit

Time as we usually know it has no meaning when these artists examine the infinite possibilities of a living self-consciousness. They recognise the inseparable relationship between impermanence and constancy.